Why I’m Running

I see Congress for what it could be, not what it is today. It could be a place where we come together and create grand ideas that move this country forward. The old dichotomies of red or blue have been used to divide this country and eliminated the hope of solutions that help everyone.

I can bridge what divides us. I have new ideas and approaches to solving our country’s problems. And, I have a proven track record of getting things done. I stood up for our public schools and for preserving good paying jobs. I acted to fix state laws that are wrong. And every day, I practice labor and employment law with honesty and integrity.

I’m a family man who goes to work every day just like you. I am part of what I call the “paycheck class.” I don’t have the luxury of making running for office my full-time job. That is what keeps people like you and me out of the “political-industrial complex.” It is time to make positive change a reality. It is time to return to politics that benefit the many, not the few.

It is time to send Martin Brook to Congress as the Representative for the 9th District of Michigan.

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            [message] => I was at the Secretary of State Office recently.  I know, what a hassle.  It was a hassle until a young energetic boy of maybe 5 or 6, while laying on his back, pushed himself along the floor and across the aisle from his mother and over to my feet.  My son and I could have turned away or complained to his mother.  Instead, we engaged with him.  We taught him how to "thumb wrestle" and he taught us his version of "rock-paper-scissors" - a game where he wins no matter what item he throws. Maybe 45 minutes passed - the fastest 45 minutes in a Secretary of State Office ever!  His mom was happy for the moment's relief.  When her number was finally called, she did her business and returned to claim her son and off they went.

What struck me were two things.  I learned that even the very young are race conscious.  My new friend asked me if I like Black people.  He asked me if I like White people.  I said, "of course, I like all people."  Then, when my number was called, a young Black woman came up and thanked my son and I.  She said that these days you don't know who you can trust.  Not knowing what to say, I said "thank you."  Looking back I should have hugged her and said I was sorry for the sorry state of America that what I did was noteworthy.

In my vision of Congress, it brings all people together, instead of dividing races them for political gain.

Want to make Congress better?  Sign this petition.
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Send Brook to Congress for a New Path Forward

Protected Public Schools & Good Union Jobs
  • Elected to be a Trustee on the Bloomfield Hills School Board from 2005 to 2010.
  • Resisted calls to outsource bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and janitorial staffs.
  • Chosen by his colleagues to be President of the Board.
  • Made the tough decisions while leading the school district through intense legal battles, a bond proposal, and the selection of a new superintendent.
Knows How to Get Better Paying Jobs
  • 25+ years of experience working on the people-side of businesses both as a human resources professional and as an attorney. Understands how labor and employment laws work — or often don’t work — and how to fix them to create better paying jobs and level the playing field for all workers.
Acted to Fix Unfair Laws and Create Legal Reform
  • In 2015, obtained the passage of important Michigan legislation to rein in debt collectors that abused the power to garnish wages. Not only did he draft the bills, negotiate with interest groups, he also testified multiple times in the Michigan House and Senate to ensure they easily passed and became law.
  • Led the effort to draft a uniform wage garnishment law to reform the process on a national basis for the benefit of creditors, debtors and employers alike.
Active Democrat
  • Elected Precinct Delegate in 2004 and in that role attended the state party convention.
  • Member of the Birmingham/Bloomfield Democratic Club since 2004