Why I’m Running

I see Congress for what it could be, not what it is today. It could be a place where we come together and create grand ideas that move this country forward. The old dichotomies of red or blue have been used to divide this country and eliminated the hope of solutions that help everyone.

I can bridge what divides us. I have new ideas and approaches to solving our country’s problems. And, I have a proven track record of getting things done. I stood up for our public schools and for preserving good paying jobs. I acted to fix state laws that are wrong. And every day, I practice labor and employment law with honesty and integrity.

I’m a family man who goes to work every day just like you. I am part of what I call the “paycheck class.” I don’t have the luxury of making running for office my full-time job. That is what keeps people like you and me out of the “political-industrial complex.” It is time to make positive change a reality. It is time to return to politics that benefit the many, not the few.

It is time to send Martin Brook to Congress as the Representative for the 9th District of Michigan.

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Send Brook to Congress for a New Path Forward

Protected Public Schools & Good Union Jobs
  • Elected to be a Trustee on the Bloomfield Hills School Board from 2005 to 2010.
  • Resisted calls to outsource bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and janitorial staffs.
  • Chosen by his colleagues to be President of the Board.
  • Made the tough decisions while leading the school district through intense legal battles, a bond proposal, and the selection of a new superintendent.
Knows How to Get Better Paying Jobs
  • 25+ years of experience working on the people-side of businesses both as a human resources professional and as an attorney. Understands how labor and employment laws work — or often don’t work — and how to fix them to create better paying jobs and level the playing field for all workers.
Acted to Fix Unfair Laws and Create Legal Reform
  • In 2015, obtained the passage of important Michigan legislation to rein in debt collectors that abused the power to garnish wages. Not only did he draft the bills, negotiate with interest groups, he also testified multiple times in the Michigan House and Senate to ensure they easily passed and became law.
  • Led the effort to draft a uniform wage garnishment law to reform the process on a national basis for the benefit of creditors, debtors and employers alike.
Active Democrat
  • Elected Precinct Delegate in 2004 and in that role attended the state party convention.
  • Member of the Birmingham/Bloomfield Democratic Club since 2004

Martin Brook Has
a Different Campaign

Congress needs people from outside the political system. It needs people who are unafraid to disrupt the big money, special interests that have hijacked Congress and our country. People committed to challenging the status-quo practices that harm transparency and trust.

My campaign is community-based and all-volunteer. We accept only individual donations and we won’t take PAC money or corporate/lobbyist money.

Martin Brook’s Focus is to Reimagine our Rigged Economy

A middle class life once meant that one income was enough to own a home and a car, have good medical insurance and retirement, and money left over to send kids to college.  Today, it takes two incomes and we do not have good medical insurance, we do not have retirement, and can’t possibly afford college. This is why my focus is on one thing – making the economy work for all of us.

To do this, I espouse the Three E’s:

(1) Economy/Employment – Reinvest in public infrastructure and public schools and restore balance between unions and management;

(2) Education – In K-12, the federal government should test less and help local schools more. We desperately need research, training, and equity. I propose a national service program to earn or pay off college tuition; and

(3) Environment –The Great Lakes are a jewel that we must protect — climate change is a real threat to our future.

Actions Speak Louder than Platitudes! The Bills I will Introduce in My First Term Will:

  1. Require disclosure of federal tax returns of all people elected to federal office because we can’t rely on the President or Congress to do it voluntarily.
  2. Make election-day a national holiday, so everyone can participate.
  3. Institute/Fund a national service program, so people can work for college/trade school tuition or pay it off.
  4. Increase gun training/licensing requirements, require smart gun technologies, and reverse the ban on federal research into guns and gun safety, so we reduce gun deaths.
  5. Fund repair of Soo Locks and build an impenetrable barrier keeping Asian Carp out of the Great Lakes, so we protect Michigan’s economy and future.
  6. Institute/Fund a program for individual education plans for all students in place of rigid one-size-fits-all standardized curriculums, so all our children can be a success in school.
  7. Revise national drug policy to regulate marijuana like alcohol, so our national drug policy makes sense.
  8. Reform antitrust laws to stop abuse of non-compete agreements and wage fixing, so the free market for workers is restored.